Upcoming Events

Experience Chaos On The pitch

Elite Cup (Semi-Pro)

November 19-20, 202
Dignity Health Sports Complex
Carson, California

Parking is free and the Green Truck will be onsite for dinner!

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Future Events

March 2023

Regional Men’s & Women’s Tournament
So Cal - Miami, FL - Austin, TX

November 2023

Inaugural Regional Men’s & Women’s Pro Season (6 weeks)
So Cal - Miami, FL - Austin, TX


We will be actively recruiting both men & women to compete in the OmegaBall tournament in November 2022. You must be presently playing in college, semi-pro, or pro teams. Please email Laurel at laurel@omegaball.com if you are currently playing at that level and interested in competing.

Attendance information will vary by location. OC Great Park in So Cal is a public park, so the public is welcome to attend for free. However this event is not actively marketed to the public, so other than restrooms, there are no public services. In other words please be prepared with your own snacks, water/drinks, and sundries.

FS2 will broadcast the Women’s Championship on Tuesday, April 5th at 8:00pm ET and the Men’s Championship on Tuesday, April 5th at 9:00pm ET.