The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) and OmegaBall Announce New Partnership

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) and OmegaBall Announce New Partnership

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is teaming up with OmegaBall, the brand-new sport that is revolutionizing competitive soccer, on an exciting new partnership geared toward youth and amateur adults.

This new partnership between the USSSA & OmegaBall will focus on youth & amateur adult events that will include tournaments & league play. Events are already being planned in the US (Southeast, Midwest, South Central & West regions).

“When I initially saw OmegaBall being played on TV, I immediately stopped what I was doing to see what was happening,” said Craig Scriven, USSSA Board Member. “It drew me in instantly. After a couple of conversations with the OmegaBall leadership team, we all saw the benefits of collaboration and we’re very excited to work together to introduce it to players both young and old across the country.”

OmegaBall made its debut in April 2022 on FS2 and in August, it was featured during ESPN’s The Ocho in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Played by men and women with experience in some of the highest profile semi-professional soccer leagues and clubs, OmegaBall features three (3) teams of five (5) players, three (3) goals, no throw-ins (corner kicks only) and no offsides.  It is played on a circular field measuring one hundred and seventy-five (175) feet in diameter, about half the size of a traditional soccer pitch.  Games are action- packed (with ten times more scoring than traditional soccer) and consist of three (3), thirteen (13)-minute periods (designed to fit easily into an hour-long television show).  OmegaBall uses a traditional soccer ball.

In OmegaBall, each team tries to score in either of the two (2) opponent’s goals while defending their own.  The unique nature of the round field fosters the no offsides component.  “Cherry Picking” is encouraged and players on teams not in possession of the ball can exploit the other attacking team, steal the ball and score at any moment. Play resumes (much like in basketball) immediately after an out-of-bounds play or a score.

“OmegaBall is for all fans of soccer and even people who are new to the sport,” said OmegaBall founder Anthony Dittmann. “We have taken some of the best components of soccer and combined them into one of the freshest things to hit the sports landscape in years, appealing to younger audiences with reduced match times and an innovative and exciting format.  OmegaBall is intended to support the existing soccer ecosystem and we’re thrilled to partner with USSSA to expand the OmegaBall footprint nationwide.”

USSSA, founded in 1968, is the largest multisport sanctioning body in the country and headquartered in Viera, Florida. USSSA will use its years of expertise in assisting in the growth of OmegaBall. Groups and organizations wishing to bring tournaments and leagues to their communities will have the ability to do so and be part of a nationwide event series set to launch in 2023.

Organizations interested in bringing OmegaBall to their local area should visit or