OmegaBall will be featured LIVE during ESPN2’s nationally-televised “ESPN 8: The Ocho” on Aug. 5

OmegaBall will be featured LIVE during ESPN2’s nationally-televised “ESPN 8: The Ocho” on Aug. 5

OmegaBall, a brand-new game that is revolutionizing competitive soccer with three teams on the field at once, will be featured LIVE, during ESPN2’s nationally-televised “ESPN 8: The Ocho” on Aug. 5.

OmegaBall, a revolutionary game that is reimagining the way that competitive soccer is played, has been tabbed to be featured during ESPN2’s nationally televised sports showcase, “ESPN8: The Ocho,” on Friday, Aug. 5 at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT) from Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

OmegaBall made its debut in March at the Great Park in Irvine, California. Featuring men’s and women’s soccer players with experience in some of the highest profile semi-professional leagues and clubs. OmegaBall is played on a circular field measuring 175 feet in diameter. It is extremely fast-paced as it features three teams of five players, three goals, no throw-ins (corner kicks only) and no offsides. Games consist of three 13-minute periods (designed to fit easily into an hour-long television show) and OmegaBall uses a traditional soccer ball.
The first edition of OmegaBall was televised by Fox Sports 2 and reached more than 186,000 households, including re-airs.

In OmegaBall, each team tries to score in either of the two opponent’s goal’s while defending their own. The unique nature of the round field fosters the no offsides component. “Cherry Picking” is encouraged and players on teams not in possession of the ball can exploit the other attacking team, steal the ball and score at any moment. Play resumes (much like in basketball) immediately after an out-of-bounds play or a score.

“OmegaBall is for all fans of soccer as well as people who are new to the sport,” said OmegaBall founder Anthony Dittmann. “We have taken some of the best components of soccer and combined them into one of the freshest things to hit the sports landscape in years, appealing to new audiences with reduced match times and an innovative and exciting format. OmegaBall is designed to support the soccer athletes’ ecosystem and we’re thrilled to introduce it to the ESPN audience during The Ocho!”

The OmegaBall roster for The Ocho Event will consist of players with MLS, UPSL and national tournament experience. Confirmed participants include Jake Corona, who played professionally with Chivas USA and Puebla FC of Liga MX, and also did a stint with the USMNT in 2014, and Emerson Maerinez, another veteran of Liga MX (Tecos FC) who competed for Mexico in the Indoor Soccer World Cup.

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