OmegaBall CEO, Jeff Kretchmar, to Speak at SoccerEX 2023 Panel on Unreasonable Innovation in Soccer

OmegaBall is proud to announce that its CEO, Jeff Kretchmar, will be a distinguished panelist at SoccerEX 2023 in Miami, FL, November 14th-15th. SoccerEX, the global authority in the business of football since 1996, remains committed to expanding the horizons of the beautiful game worldwide. Jeff Kretchmar joins a league of esteemed experts on the panel titled "Passion to Purpose - Unreasonable Innovation in Soccer."

The panel discussion aims to explore groundbreaking innovations in soccer, delving into the realms of unconventional ideas that drive progress within the sport. Jeff Kretchmar will be joined by a panel of distinguished experts, including Rogelio Del Castillo from European Football, Asier Martin representing Voon Sports, and Stuart Monk from Soccer Profile.

"We're honored to have Jeff Kretchmar represent OmegaBall at SoccerEX 2023," stated Founder, Anthony Dittmann at OmegaBall. "This panel is an incredible platform to discuss the evolution of soccer through innovative ideas and their impact on shaping the future of the sport."

SoccerEX's commitment to fostering dialogue among industry leaders makes it an ideal setting for exploring pioneering concepts and pushing the boundaries of innovation within soccer. The panel promises to offer insights into the transformative power of passion-driven initiatives and unconventional thinking in revolutionizing the soccer landscape.

"SoccerEX remains at the forefront of facilitating global discussions to drive the business of football forward" said Kretchmar.

SoccerEX 2023 attendees can anticipate an engaging and insightful discussion led by Rogelio Del Castillo and the panelists, where they will delve into the realm of innovations that have the potential to redefine the future of soccer.

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